In the morning, we will take you from your hotel to visit Duden Waterfall and old town On Duden Waterfall visit you will see enchanting beauty of waterfall.In the Old Town you will see Hadrian’s Gate,Old Harbour and you will enjoy walking in the history. Here, you can also see many fine examples of typical Ottoman architecture.When we finish visiting the Old Town we will have lunch in a local restaurant. After lunch we will visit the archeological museum of Antalya which has got a huge collection of ancient world’s magnificiant remains.

Unforgettable full-day exploring the old town and visiting spectacular waterfalls.

The tour capacity is a minimum of 10 people. There will be schedule changes when 10 people cannot be reached. For the tour date and other details, we kindly ask you to apply to the tour desk that will be set up next to the congress registration desk since October 2, 2022. You can book your tour and make your payment from tour desk.

Price : 45$ + VAT