Manavgat is famous for its river and waterfall. At the Manavgat riverboat trip you will have a relaxing boat tour on the Manavgat river taking about 3 and a half hours.At the end of the relaxing boat trip,you will come to a remarkable place where cold and sweet river water mixe with warm and salty seawater. You will to enjoy swimming both in the river and Mediterranean sea. Lunch will be served on the boat. After the Manavgat river cruise, we will visit the Manavgat Waterfall and textile outlet.

The tour capacity is a minimum of 10 people. There will be schedule changes when 10 people cannot be reached. For the tour date and other details, we kindly ask you to apply to the tour desk that will be set up next to the congress registration desk since October 2, 2022. You can book your tour and make your payment from tour desk.

Price : 40$ + VAT