Perge is placed 18 kms East of Antalya. In this area the Hittites settled in 1500 BC.St. Paul visit Perge in 46AD.. Here, you will see some fine examples of the old colonnaded streets, agora, bath, stadium and theatre.
After Perge we will head to Aspendos Ancient Theatre, which is the best-preserved Roman theatre in the World .In this Roman theater today opera,ballet and cassical music are performed.

The tour capacity is a minimum of 10 people. There will be schedule changes when 10 people cannot be reached. For the tour date and other details, we kindly ask you to apply to the tour desk that will be set up next to the congress registration desk since October 2, 2022. You can book your tour and make your payment from tour desk.

Price : 45$ + VAT